Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. William Hadley (UK), M.Eng., is a Senior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer with over 30 years of Industrial Experience in Oil , Gas , Chemical , Petrochemical and Power industries . He is currently the Engineering Director of BH&A Engineering , where he is in charge of engineering consulting, maintenance, and troubleshooting services to the petrochemical, oil, gas and allied industries.  

His responsibilities include the technical specification, design, and maintenance of rotating equipment such as pumps, turbines, motors, variable-speed drives, bearing and compressors . He is also involved in troubleshooting, making use of computer interfaces to assess and rectify equipment defects . He is also part of a task team responsible for revising the in-house Engineering Standards of a Major oil refinery to bring them into line with current international practices .

Mr. Hadley is also the principal consultative resource for rotating equipment to the reliability department of one of the major refineries and plays a key role in Reliability Improvement Program in that facility. He has been this resource to the client for the last 10 years . In his role as " principal consultative resource for rotating equipment reliability " he works closely with his client's process engineering team in providing integrated solutions to process reliability problems . He conducts in-house training in the maintenance of mechanical seals and the application of specialized rotating equipment hardware such as pumps compressors and turbines, to the production process . He has an excellent working knowledge of refinery processes and the hardware used in those processes.

Mr. Hadley started his career immediately upon his graduation of Mechanical Engineering back in 1974 . First, he worked for UNILEVER as a Maintenance Engineer , where he was responsible for the maintenance of rotating plant, mechanical seals, bearings and specialized packaging machinery, in various divisions . He then joined an engineering consulting firm specializing in the marine, mechanical and structural engineering fields . He managed the Design Office and well, was Project Engineer and then Project Manager , responsible for the construction of chemical recovery plants . Following this he joined SULZER , the major international company involved in the production of heavy Industrial Equipment for the mining, chemical and petrochemical processing fields . He was the Engineering Manager , responsible for the running of the operation of that company. During that period he supervised the installation and commissioning of over 140 pumps, compressors and turbines for different oil refineries . Then, he became in charge of the Fluid Sealing section ( Mechanical seals , packings , gasketting , hydraulics ), where he was responsible for installations of hundreds of mechanical seals for petrochemical companies worldwide .

Mr. Hadley has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and he is the recent past President of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IME).



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