Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Therza Palm Forster ( UK ) PhD , M Ed ., B Ed. is an International Expert in Educational Management and has over 20 years of extensive university lecturing experience in theoretical & practical training of Education Management students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Dr. Palm-Forster is currently the Director of Advanced Graduate programmes at University of the Free State . She has been active as a Project Leader in a number of research training projects concerning practical training in various management areas such as organization behaviour and the enhancement of scientific and technological skills of learners .

Dr. Palm-Forster facilitated numerous management and administration workshops and seminars on managerial issues at various universities locally and internationally . In addition, she was an Examiner for the Masters Degree Dissertations in University of Stellenbosch , University of the Free State and Vista University wherein she has undertaken quantitative and qualitative research in the area of life skills in management context .

Dr. Palm-Forster has likewise gained industry experience by working as a Logistics Manager at Windhoek Company in the UK wherein she managed transportation , stock control and warehousing activities the company. She was involved in ensuring structures are in place to monitor the flow of goods and materials.

Dr. Palm-Forster has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Educational Management . She has also headed a number of practical projects for local, regional and international institutes and universities. Dr. Palm-Forster has trained extensively in almost all topics of management at various levels, and has written many articles on key management issues such as " Stress Among Managers ", " Management Of Something You Do Not Know ", " Management Challenges ", " Human Resource Management Styles ", and " Empowerment ". She has presented a number of academic papers at international conferences in many countries.




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