Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Sergio Adofaci, (Australia) C. Eng., M. Eng., Sr. M. IHEA, is a Recognised Authority in the Steam industry with over 40 years of industrial experience in the generation, operation and maintenance of Steam Plants, Boilers and Pressure Vessels. He is an Authorized Government Trainer and Assessor, for Steam generation plants and Boilers in Australia. Further, he is an Authorized Examiner for certification of Boiler Operators, Technicians and Engineers.


Mr. Adofaci has numerous numbers of papers and proceedings on Steam Systems, Boilers and Pressure Vessels. He has conducted numerous steam audits and training sessions on Boiler combustion controls. He has a unique and valued teaching methodology for Boiler combustion controls, whilst  promoting the benefits and pay back from today's approach of Boiler plant energy management and performance enhancements that result in the optimisation of fuel consumption, cost savings, improved safety and reliability and promote far reaching environmental and societal benefits.

Mr. Adofaci worked for many international scale companies and has thorough experience in Facility Condition Surveys, Refurbishments, Strategic Maintenance Plans, Energy Audit, Fire Risks Audit and Life Cycle Costing for Boilers and Steam Generation Plants.



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