Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Sandra Rees holds a Ph.D. degree in Business Management from London- UK and a number of international memberships at internationally-recognized institutes worldwide. She has been an academic, a trainer, consultant and a human resource professional and practitioner for the past 25 years.


During her academic work and following her career as a business consultant, Dr. Rees has lectured on and taught topics such as environment management, strategic management, human resource  strategies, managing people and organizations, innovations in projects, financial management, operations management,  corporate finance, transformation management and marketing.

In addition to her academic experience, Dr. Rees has held senior managerial positions in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries in both the government and private sectors in business areas such as business development, market analysis, cultural exchange, customer service, training, financial consultancy, and operations.

Dr. Rees ability to transfer her knowledge to the work site is one of her many assets as a trainer and consultant. Her varied industrial and academic expertise allows her the freedom to smooth the knowledge transfer in both theory and practice.



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