Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Roger Daniel, C. Eng (UK) is the Managing Director of the PSS Ltd who are Designing the production line to manufacture the Maxi-Line UPS. Mr. Daniel was the Key UPS Manager in Merlin Gerrin for about 5 years. He was responsible of implementation of large UPS systems in banks and large gas producers, i.e: Mosgas (360KVA redundant parallel), South African Information Bureau (1.5KVA redundant parallel systems), Nedcor South Africa (1.5KVA redundant parallel system) etc.


His responsibilities include the project management, installation, commissioning, and maintaining of above and similar systems.

Mr. Daniel has over 20 years of accumulated technical experience in designing, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and inspection of Uninterrupted Power Supply systems (UPS).

Mr. Daniel's instruction experience include training engineers and technicians on how to test (on production line), service and repair all makes of UPS systems and training to install, repair and maintain various UPS systems (300VA- 200KVA)



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