Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Robert Smyth, P. Eng. (USA) is the Vice-President of Petroline Upgrading Services Ltd (USA and Canada).  This is a pipeline integrity company that has undertaken numerous pipeline integrity projects. 


The projects have encompassed all facets of pipeline integrity including integrity program preparation, internal inspection tools, excavation, anomaly analysis and repair, (including stress corrosion cracking), pressure testing, report generation, and the development and testing of the Petrosleeve repair technique.

Mr. Smyth has over 30 years of practical experience in pipeline integrity assessment in the USA, Canada and Europe. He is a member and an ex Chairman of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division and has been part of the organization committee for IPC 2002 and IPC 2004.

Mr. Smyth is a consulting engineer in pipeline integrity projects, and has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Queen's University, Kingston Ontario Canada.



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