Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Robert Odle ( USA ) PhD , M. Eng., B. Eng., PE is a Senior Process & HSE Engineer with over 30 years of industrial experience in Metals , Chemicals , Energy , Industrial Wastewater Treatment , Hazardous Wastes Management , Process Development , Process Commissioning , Thermodynamics , Electrochemical Systems and Technical Project Management .  

He also has broad perspective in Operations , Business , Research & Development and Engineering Designs . He is currently the President of Metallurgical Viability Inc. His clients are primarily coming from the hazardous waste , industrial waste water treatment and the non-ferrous extractive metallurgy fields namely, Safe Hydrogen Inc. , Pyldish Technologies Inc. , Corrosion Testing Labs Inc. , Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton, Inc. , Douglas G. Peterson & Associates , Alchemix Corporation , Magnesium Technologies , Lone Wolf Technologies , Anaconda Nickel , Pittsburgh Minerals , Fluor Daniel , RF Weston and American Metal Recovery .

During his career life, Dr. Odle worked as Technical Director and Principal Project Manager for Fluor Daniel International Engineering & Construction Company wherein he was given international assignments in process design and received MVP awards for computerizing refinery calculations and developing process guarantees. During that period, he was able to build a plant to manufacture sodium dimethyl dithiocarbamate ( DTC ) utilizing highly hazardous chemicals DMA , carbon sulphide and caustic. He even started a hazardous metal waste recycling company and contributed to the development of processes for recycling hazardous metal wastes . He also worked as Technical Director for Southern Water Treatment , Business Manager and eventually Technical Director for Encycle ( Asarco ) Company . Prior to that he was a Senior Process Consultant for CMS Inc. providing consultancy services on treatment and disposal of cyanide wastes , pesticide formulator product registrations and led emission studies for OSHA . He was also the Process Senior Process/Project Engineer to Anaconda Copper Research Center , Keramont Company , Amax Nickel and Southwire Company .

Dr. Odle has a PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Metallurgical Engineering . He has numerous publications and patented documents related to Process and Safety Engineering .




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