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Mr. Robert J. Motylenski, P.E ( USA ), P.Eng , is a specialist on Reliability and Maintenance Management with over 40 years of proven experience in Field. Also his specialties include the area of pre-turnaround planning , the application of reliability & maintenance principles to capital projects, and the implementation of management practices to achieve world-class performance.


Mr. Motylenski was the General Manager of the Reliability and Maintenance Services Group of ExxonMobil for 35 years . During his 35 years of ExxonMobil he has utilized his efforts with almost every Exxon refinery worldwide and several affiliated production facilities on improving their reliability and maintenance performance. After his retirement from ExxonMobil he has consulted in the reliability & maintenance area with process industries and participated on risk mitigation teams for the US Army chemical demilitarization program.

Further he has organized and led 15 pre-turnaround reviews to improve work scope definition and detailed planning and scheduling concerning the practices and procedures needed to achieve a successful and cost-effective turnaround. Further, Mr. Motylenski has developed a procedure for Capital Projects Reliability & Maintenance , which is still implemented by ExxonMobil during the planning, design, and engineering phases of a project to make certain that reliability and maintenance are considered and the business objectives are achieved. This approach ensures the project will attain the levels of availability, reliability and maintainability needed for economic success.

While he was working in ExxonMobil he has defined the characteristics that need to be applied by an organization to become highly reliable and perform cost-effective maintenance and has developed and presented numerous training course for Exxon Mobil employees on reliability and maintenance. Some of his publications are listed below.

•  Proven Turnaround Practices", Hydrocarbon Processing, April 2003

•  "Turnaround Proven Practices", presented at the 11th International Process & Power Plant Reliability Conference, November 2002, Houston , Texas

•  Contributed a chapter, "Physical Asset Management For Capital Projects", to "Physical Asset Management Handbook", Third Edition, by John S. Mitchell, Clarion Technical Publishers, April 2002.

•  "The Application of Reliability and Maintenance Principles To Projects", 10th International Process & Power Plant Reliability Conference, November 2001, Houston , Texas

•  A contributor to "Guidelines for Improving Plant Reliability through Data Collection and Analysis", CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) of the AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) 1998

•  "Best Practices - Refinery Turnarounds",

•  1998 Utilities Services Alliance Conference, Jacksonville , Florida

•  "Equipment Failure Information - How To Use it Effectively"

•  1988 NPRA Maintenance Conference, Atlanta , Georgia

Mr. Motylenski has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering, New Jersey, USA and he has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Pratt Institute, New York , USA . He is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey , USA .



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