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Professor Philip Kiameh, P.E. (Canada) is currently the professor of Electromechanical Engineering at University of Toronto, Canada. He has been teaching courses and seminars to working engineers around the world for more than 12 years.  He wrote 4 books for working engineers.


Two of them have been published by McGraw-Hill New York.  The following are the titles of his books:


1-       Power Generation Handbook: Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plants, Co-generation, and Combined Cycles (600 pages), McGraw-Hill, New York, August 2002

2-       Electrical Equipment Handbook (600 pages), McGraw-Hill, New York, March 2003

3-       Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems

4-       Industrial Equipment


Prof. Philip Kiameh has taught more than 4,000 engineers across Europe and North America.  Each engineer that took his seminars have ranked them as "Excellent" or "Very Good".  In May 1996, Prof. Philip Kiameh won the first "Excellence in Teaching Award" at University of Toronto.

Prof. Philip Kiameh has more than 22 years of industrial experience with Ontario Power Generation (formerly, Ontario Hydro). While in Ontario Hydro, Prof. Philip Kiameh worked as Engineering Supervisor, System Responsible Engineer and Design Engineer. During this period, he was responsible for gas and steam turbines, generators, motors, transformers, inverters, valves, pumps, compressors, instrumentation and control systems. Further, his responsibilities include design, engineering, diagnose equipment problems and recommend solutions to repair deficiencies and improve system performance, supervising engineers, set-up preventive maintenance programs, write Operating and Design Manuals, and commission new equipment.


Professor Philip Kiameh was awarded his Bachelor of Engineering Degree "with distinction" from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada. He also received a Master of Applied Science in Engineering (M.A.Sc.) from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is also a member of the Association of Professional Engineers in the province of Ontario, Canada.




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