Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Peter Diamandis (UK) is currently the Engineering Director of Synergy Automation Co. Mr. Diamandis has a wide experience in Industrial Data Communications and Telecommunications. Before joining Synergy Automation Co, Mr. Diamandis was the Chief Engineer of Eskom.vices in HSE, Risk, Reliability, Technical Integrity, Engineered Safety and Asset Integrity Management.  

Mr. Diamandis experience includes: project management, engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting of: Integrated Control Systems; substations,  dual redundant front-ends, dual redundant MMIs, fibre optic communications, dual redundant RTU systems, multiple RTUs, automation software for SVC capacitor bank control, integrated information systems,  telecommunication protocols and simulators, software implementation, automated security interlocking systems.

Mr. Diamandis has an MBA and B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering



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