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Dr. Pete Ludovice ( USA ) PhD. , M. ChEng. , B. ChEng. is an internationally renowned Senior Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of extensive experience in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering , Bioengineering and Polymer Science . He is currently the Senior Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in the Georgia Institute of Technology , USA wherein he lectures to students from BSc., MSc. and PhD levels.  
During his career life, Dr. Ludovice was a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Science to undergraduate students of Georgia Institute of Technology . It is where he redesigned the school's graduate course in molecular modelling to facilitate practical programming of molecular modelling that lies in between the two extremes of courses that study mainly theory and courses that use commercial software in a black-box fashion. This was the first general course in applied molecular modelling to ever use the Scientific Vector Language ( SVL ) of the Molecular Operating Environment ( MOE ). He was also a Professor of Bioengineering in the same educational institution wherein he developed new module on molecular modelling for the Polymer Science Laboratory which he developed under NSF grant . The goal of this NSF grant is to introduce concepts of biological polymer structure into the polymer science curriculum . During this period, he designed and taught the molecular modelling portion of the Advanced Polymer Physics course to include hands-on modelling . He developed and implemented collaborative on-line learning protocols for engineering classes and organized and presented various distance learning presentations on Chemical Engineering .

Prior to his career in the academe, Dr. Ludovice was the Polymer Product Manager of Molecular Simulations Inc . He also worked as a Senior Scientist to NASA - Ames Research Center and the IBM - Almaden Research Center . He was also a Research Associate for the Institut fur Polymere in Zurich , Switzerland .

Dr. Ludovice has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology , USA . He is an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers ( AIChE ), Society of Plastics Engineers ( SPE ), Materials Research Society and the American Chemical Society . He has numerous publications circulated internationally and delivered technical papers in several international conferences . He was one of the inventors of the " Self-Expanding Intraluminal Composite Prosthesis " and the " Pore-Forming Agents to Enhance Transdermal Delivery of Biological Agents ". He was awarded with the Outstanding PhD Thesis Award as endowed by Georgia Institute of Technology . He was also given the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award by AIChE and the Sherwin Williams Award in Polymer Science by the Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Division of the American Chemical Society .




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