Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Paul Fatti ( UK ) PhD , MSc. , BSc. is a Senior R&D and Statistics Expert with over 40 years of extensive experience in R&D , Statistics & Probability , Experimental Design , Actuarial Science , Operations Research , Multivariate Statistical Theory , Applied Statistical Modelling , Applied Operations Research Modelling and Classification in Remote Sensing .  

He is currently the Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Professor in the School of Statistics & Actuarial Science in the University of Witwatersrand . Concurrently, he is a Senior Professional Consultant of Statistics & Experimental Design for various companies and organizations such as Davsteel , Transvaal, Coal Owners Association , Shell Coal , Alex Aiken and Carter , Water Research Commission , Portland Cement Institute , Federation on Civil Engineer Contractors , Chamber of Mines Research Laboratories , Unilever , FOSKOR , General Accident Insurance Co. , National Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers , Deloitte and many others.

Dr. Fatti was the Head of the Department of Statistics & Applied Science at the University of Witwatersrand wherein he was also a Senior Professor for 17 years in the School of Statistics & Actuarial Science under the same university. Prior to that, Dr. Fatti was the Head and Programme Leader of the Division of Operations Research & Statistics in the National Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences under the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research ( CSIR ). He also worked as the Chief Researcher and eventually the Senior Specialist Researcher of CSIR wherein he did in-depth studies on Statistics & Operations Research . He was also the Senior Researcher and Consultant for the Institute for Operational Research in London . He also did R&D work at the Chamber of Mines Research Laboratories .

Dr. Fatti has PhD , MSc. and BSc. degrees in Statistics & Operations Research . He is an active member , ex President , ex Convenor and ex Chairman of the National Statistical Association . He is also an active member of the Institute for Operational Research & Management Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society . Dr. Fatti also held different senior positions in the IFORS , Institute for Statistical Research , Water Research Commission's Working Group on Research Needs in Water Resources & Surface Hydrology , National Certification Council , Agrimetrics Institute and the Review Panel for the Biostatistics Unit of the Medical Research Council . He is also an External Assessor for the Academic Reviews of the Statistics & Actuarial Science Department of the University of Stellenbosch , the Statistics Department of the University of Port Elizabeth and the Business Mathematics & Informatics Research Focus Area of the University of the North-West . He has 63 articles on Applications on Statistics , 18 articles on Statistical Methodology , 1 article on Statistical Computing and 13 articles on Operations Research . He has co-authored two books on Environmental Management and Stochastic Processes .




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