Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Paul H Diebold (Switzerland) is the leader of I.Gianotti's international Infrastructural Operation and Logistic practice and is based in the firm's Baden office/Switzerland. For more than 25 years, he has worked with the senior management of companies involved in power stations (thermal, nuclear), water- and sewer systems, industrial plants, traffic systems and telecommunications infrastructures.




Before joining I.Gianotti Ltd, Paul held an international Project Leadership at the former Motor Columbus Eng. Ltd in Switzerland. He was and is involved in tasks on the continents Europe, Asia, Africa and America. He received an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Wiesbaden Poly-technique-school and in economics/intern law from South Africa University, Pretoria as well as a Master of Business Administration (Thesis on Dean's honour rolls) in engineering management from Century University, USA. Further he is qualified as an Europe Engineer FEANI as well as a Value-Management-Expert according to the standard of the European Norm EN12973, Brussels.

Paul's Major Areas of Expertise


Project development in the context of Reliability Engineering and Life Cycle Cost

Value Control of existing Asset productivity

Knowledge-based optimization


"Many of our clients in public and private, have just gone through an unprecedented cycle of boom and bust. They are cutting costs and working hard to improve asset productivity to deal with the pressures of declining profit margins, high debt, and continued regulatory scrutiny. Beyond these they are confronted with still a static approach of solving the needs of infrastructures and underestimation of the importance of the dynamics of logistical processes.


The next few years will be pivotal for most of these companies. Our clients are trying to deal with the short- and medium-term issues simultaneously. They're struggling to find ways to deliver greater value to their customers while working to find new sources of revenue and sustainable profit. To establish new sources of competitive advantage and redraw the competitive environment, they're striving to better understand the infrastructural operations and logistic processes at work" ... Paul



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