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Mr. Patrick O'Hara ( Australia ) is a Senior Communications Engineer with over 30 years of industrial experience in Australia , Europe , Asia , the Middle East , Canada and the USA . He is currently the Director of Communications at CRC , where he is in charge of engineering consulting on Telecommunications , PDH , SDH , PABX , VoIP , Optical Fibre Transmission and Data Communications .



Patrick has at various times been a manager , engineer , communications consultant and lecturer . During the last 30 years he has gained wide experience and a high level of expertise within the Data , Fiber Optics and Telecommunications industries . Amongst his credits are: State Manager for NEC Australia (Telecommunications and PABX manufacturer), Southern Regional Manager and Senior Communications Consultant for Scitec Communications (manufacturer of 2 Mbit/s trunking and multiplexing equipment). Further, he has worked in both Canada and the U.S.A. establishing bypass networks for major U.S. companies involving the employment of microwave and satellite network technology and the digitizing of existing analogue networks .

Patrick has lectured in Digital Electronics at the Victoria University as part of the TAFE program. When time permits, Patrick has been an active member of various working groups for the Australian Standards Association in particular working group IT/1/6 and for ITU in conjunction with Telstra Australia . Furthermore, during the past 10 years Patrick has conducted numerous of lectures on Fiber Optics , Digital and Data Communications . He has also acted as a consultant to a number of organizations conducting audits and specialist training courses on Digital and Data Transmission Equipment.

Patrick is a graduate Electronic Engineer ( Communications ) and has also completed Post Graduate studies in Digital Communications in Toronto ( Canada ) and more recently in Commercial Law in London (UK) . Currently he completed a Masters of Business and also completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment .



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