Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Norman Graham, C.E.M., P.E. ( Canada ), is an International Expert in Boiler Water Treatment with over 35 years of industrial experience in Canada , the USA and Europe .  

He is currently the Water Treatment Manager of the American Water Chemicals Company (USA) , where he is leading a team of engineers responsible for inspecting medium to large boilers , cooling towers and reverse-osmosis systems , recommending the correct chemical product usage for each unit and quaternary-ammonia products for prolonging their operating lives.

During his career life, Mr. Graham worked as a Water Treatment Manager , a Senior Water Treatment Engineer , a Technical Services Manager , a Boiler Engineer , and as a Stationery Engineer . He worked for many world-class companies such as Shell Canada , Ontario Hydro , Dubios Chemicals and Occutech Services , before joining American Water Chemicals Company.

Mr. Graham has a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University (Canada) and he is certified by the Province of Ontario (Canada) as '2nd, 3rd and 4th Class Stationary Engineer . Further, he is a Registered Professional Engineer in Canada and the USA and he is an Active Member in American Institute of Chemical Engineers (A.I.Ch.E.). He has numerous publications , presentations and technical papers .



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