Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Massimiliano Porcelli ( Italy ) PhD , M. Eng. , B. Eng. is a Senior Chemical and Environmental Expert with extensive experience in Computational Chemistry , Modelling , Physical Chemistry ( with particular emphasis on biological system and environmental problems ), Gas Chromatography and Chemical & Analytical Laboratory Management .  

He is currently the Laboratory Operations Director of the Central Environmental Laboratory ( CEL ) of the Ecology and Environment Inc. ( ENE Inc. ) wherein his duties are related to the Operation Management , Human Resource Training, Production Supervision of the Organic and Inorganic Divisions , Methods and SOPs Development , Data Quality Check and Review . He was able to refine his knowledge of the Quality Systems (as he contributed largely on the CEL's ISO17025 accreditation ) and enhanced his skills of Analytical Methods as per ASTM , EPA and MOOPAM standards .

During his career life, Dr. Porcelli increased his experience and expertise in GC-MS and GC-FID techniques used in the environmental forensic field for the fingerprinting of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Spill as he worked as Senior Chemist and Laboratory Supervisor in Batelle-PME ( Presidency of Meterology and Environment Laboratory ). He also worked as Senior Chemist in the UNCC project in Saudi Arabia related to the damage claim from 1991 Iraqi aggression. Prior to that, Dr. Porcelli held the positions Senior Consultant , Laboratory Manager , Scientific Consultant and Researcher to different companies namely Soltec , SACESV , Maim Engineering , Venezia-Batelle , UNOPS , Cooperazione Italiana , UNDP , Battelle21 , Battellemed , Consortium CRA and Columbus Battelle Centre . He contributed largely in developing air quality plan proposal for Milan , Cagliari , Naple in Italy and remediation plan for other areas of Italy regarding soil and water compartment. He collaborated with the Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation related to environmental problems varying from the development of specific instrumentation for monitoring pollutant in environmental matrix to the development of remediation programs for contaminated areas . He also participated to different research projects carried out by the NMR group of the Cagliari University increasing his experiences in the analytical field using different instrumental techniques ( GC-FID , GC-MS , ASE etc..). During this period, he was able to gain experiences in using chemometric analysis tools and different type of simulation packages .

Dr. Porcelli has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Chemistry from the Universita degli Studi di Cagliari in Italy and has various published papers related to the chemical and environmental fields . He has also presented projects and papers to various international conferences .




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