Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Martin Iversen ( Sweden ) is a Senior Analytical Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Process and Chemical Plants operations , Analytical and Chemical Laboratory Management , auditing , maintaining and implementing laboratory quality systems and Laboratory Information Management System ( LIMS ). 



He is currently a Senior Laboratory Consultant for laboratories in various petroleum and chemical companies all over Sweden.   He practices most commonly used methods for fuels (gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and jet) and chemicals using the titrimetric , spectroscopic , Gas and Liquid Chromatography , gravimetric , coloumetric and turbidmetric methodologies involved.  He is especially skilled in Gas Chromatography applications for petrochemical tests .

As a Quality Chemical Consultant/Inspector , Mr. Iversen was involved in the inspection of various chemical laboratories .  During those years, he did auditing , maintaining and leading quality systems (ISO 9000) including implementing required standards EN 45004 , ISO/IEC 17025 , applying Eurachem/CITAC for measuring uncertainty using rational methodology for inhouse methods and empirical methodology for standard test methods ASTM , IP , UOP , EN , EN/ISO etc.  He also implemented Gas Chromatography method for chemicals (Exxon 201 , ASTM D4815 with capillary TCEP , Inhouse trace MeOH in LPG) .  Prior to that, he was the Quality and Safety Manager for SGS Scandinavia during the reengineering phase of the Scandinavian sector for the oil , gas and chemicals . He was a project member of SGS Netherlands LIMS team for programming and implementing Starlims8/Oracle8 nationwide on local servers, and later expanding to a multi laboratory system serving all European laboratories on a central Citrix server.

In the earlier years, Mr. Iversen worked as Quality Laboratory Engineer for three petroleum laboratories by SGS (Societe General de Surveillance) Sweden wherein he was responsible for the GC/LC and LIMS implementation (Starlims7/Oracle7) and laboratory integration in ERP (Navision) .  He was also involved in the Gas and Liquid Chromatography Laboratories of Preem Refinery and Akzo Nobel

Mr. Iversen has a Bachelors degree in Analytical Chemical Engineering .




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