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Dr. Markus Timusk ( Canada ) PE , PhD Eng. , M. Eng. , B. Eng. is a Senior Mechanical and Materials Engineer with extensive experience in Practical Machinery Vibration Monitoring , Analysis & Predictive Maintenance , Machine Conditioning Monitoring , Reliability & Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Systems , Mechatronics & Design Of Computer-Controlled Machine Simulators , Development of Automated , Artificial Intelligence-Based Fault Detection Systems for Machinery , Pattern Recognition , Machine Measurement and Signal Processing .  

He is currently conducting research for the Canadian Oil Sands Industry in the development of automated vibration-based fault detection systems for Machine Conditioning Monitoring & Fault Diagnostics in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering of Queen's University , Canada.

Dr. Timusk was a Teaching Fellow , Co-Tutor and Graduate Laboratory Instructor at Queen's University in Kingston , Canada . This is where he lectured on courses such as Machine Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics and Instrumentations & Measurement covering theoretical & experimental aspects of mechanical & electrical measurements .

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Timusk was employed by the Advanced Engineering Department ( R&D ) of a division of Magna International where he was part of a team responsible for developing an entirely new engine vibration control device now patented and in mass production on several vehicles . He has also conducted applied research & development work , product design , instrumentation & measurement of machinery and was also responsible for project management of pre-production programs for m ajor automotive manufacturers. He also collaborated directly with engineers and researchers from numerous multi-national companies . Further, he developed a new type of machine for testing of rotating automotive components by sim ating engine crankshaft dynamics and electromechanical loading . Earlier, Dr. Timusk worked as a Maintenance Technician in Springco Industries where he was involved with the manual aspects of fabricating, rebuilding & maintaining industrial machinery , fabrication of mechanical components , electrical assembly , PLC set-up & programming and assembly of pneumatic & hydraulic systems .

Dr. Timusk has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Mechanical & Materials Engineering from Queen's University and the University of Western Ontario . He is a licensed Professional Engineer and an active member of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association ( CMVA ). He has various published papers circulated all over Canada , United States and UK .




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