Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Mark Brown
is a professional engineer with around 25 years experience. He is a member of IEEE. Mr. Brown has a degree (BSc. Eng.) in Electrical Engineering, BSc. in Telecommunication Engineering, T3 National Diploma in Heavy Electrical Current and T4 National Diploma in Heavy Electrical Current.



During his career life, Mr. Brown worked as a Production Manager, Power Quality Investigation Engineer, Senior Protection Engineer, Electrical Research Engineer, Telecommunications Systems Engineer and Senior Power System Protection Technician.

During the last 25 years, Mr. Brown worked for many companies in Europe, South Africa, South East Asia and Australia such as Spescom, Eskom, EsiTel, Lesotho Telecom, ADC Fiber Products, QST, MTN, Eskom, South African Airways

Mr. Brown practical experience includes: Fiber Optics, Telecommunication Solutions, UPS Systems, Surge Arrestors, Electrical Power Quality Monitoring, Instrumentations, Power Auditing Software, Substations, Transformers, Relays, Electrical Networks, Electrical Protection Systems, VHF/UHF/Microwave Telecommunication Systems, Electrical and Communications Cabling, Voice/PABX Systems, SCADA systems (Moscad and Talus), High Voltage Overhead Lines, Capacitors, Busbars, Protection Relays, Electrical Distribution Stations, Switchgears and Circuit Breakers.



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