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Dr. Marius Popa, 35, holds a PhD ( in Earth Sciences - Sedimentology and Basin Analysis), with University of Bucharest / Romania . He has also postdoctoral experience; in 2002 he joined University of Pretoria as a postdoctoral fellow , and spent considerable effort in studying the coal-bearing sequences of the Vryheid Formation (Karoo Supergroup) and associated dolerite intrusions.  

Dr. Popa has 10 years experience in: field mapping and core logging in sedimentary terrains; reservoir- and source-rock geology (sedimentology, petrography, porosity/permeability, architecture); sequence- and architectural (3-D) analyses applied on shallow- and deep-water - type sedimentary sequences, and reconstruction of associated 3-D facies models; sequence-stratigraphy (peripheral foreland basins); placers sedimentology; petrology & diagenesis of clastic rocks, evaporites & carbonate rocks; comparative petrology and source-area reconstitution; volcaniclastic deposits and related depositional environments.

As a senior researcher , he was the project manager for many research projects sponsored by various companies and institutions: Ministry of industries ( Romania ); Council for National Academic Research (CNCSIS - Romania ); Ministry of Technology & Research ( Romania ). He worked as a consultant for: Sasol Mining (Secunda, South Africa; 2002-2004); fields: coal geology and control of Karoo dolerites; modelling of dolerite intrusions; APEX Resources SRL - RME (a former venture of Rio Tinto Romania SRL; 2002); fields: sedimentological and architectural analysis of some gold placers in Quaternary terrains; SNP PETROM SA (Romanian National Oil Co.; 1998-2002); fields: well logg descriptions, petrography of reservoir rocks, sequence & architectural analyses, source areas reconstitution& characterization, diagenetic evolutions, pore space dynamics, petroleum systems; MMS Romania SRL (a former division of MMS - Ramco Oil, London; 1998-1999); fields: characterization of East Carpathians "flysch" and "molasses" reservoir- and source-rocks: sedimentology & petrography, depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy, linkage to source areas, definition of sequence & architectural types; and, casually, for various firms; fields: uranium mineralizations in clastic sequences; evaporite sedimentology; volcaniclastics sedimentology and petrography; economic potential of Carpathians "molasse" deposits.

He has academic experience , with University of Bucharest / Faculty of Geology & Geophysics , as a teaching assistant (1994 - 2001) and lecturer (since 2001). He has taught many courses, at both under- and postgraduate (M.Sc.) level . He also lectured at several specialization courses, attended by people working in oil- and mineral industry.

He is currently a member of International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), for which he was the Romanian national correspondent (1998 - 2002). He published extensively in international periodicals, special edition volumes and proceedings.




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