Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Mabruk Allagi ( Libya ) PhD , M. Eng , B. Eng. is a Senior Nuclear Engineer with over 20 years of extensive experience in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material ( NORM ), Nuclear Computations , Reactor Thermohydraulics , Radiation Detection & Measurements , Nuclear Materials & Physics , Radiation Shielding , Heat Transfer and General Physics .  

He is currently the Head of the Environmental Protection and Radiation Unit of the National Food Control Authority supervising the technical and administrative activities of the Environment Protection Section and the Radiation Unit .

During his career life, Dr. Allagi was the Senior Professor for the Department of Nuclear Engineering of Al-Fateh University providing lectures and research activities for BSc. and MSc. levels . Concurrently, he is the Head of the Scientific Committee and Applied Radiation Group . He also worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Science where he initiated and established scientific and educational programs and supervised the research activities . Prior to that, he was a Radiation Physicist for the National Cancer Institute wherein he supervised the installation procedures of the radiotherapy unit and implemented training courses in radiation physics for the medical staff. Dr. Allagi was also the Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and the Dean of Academic Affairs at Al-Fateh University where he improved the curricula of the department courses and established basis for graduate program .

Earlier in his career life, Dr. Allagi was the Lead Consultant for the Tajura Research Centre and the Atomic Energy Establishment

Dr. Allagi has PhD degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge , UK and Masters and Bachelors degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cincinnati , USA . He has 11 published papers which were circulated internationally . These publications delved mainly on Nuclear Power & Desalination , Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance by Gamma Radiation , Radiation Effects on Materials , Radiation Measurements in Food and Environment , Health Aspects of Ionizing Radiation etc.



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