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Professor M. Akay ( UK ), is currently the Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering at the University of Ulster , UK . He is an Authority in Polymer & Polymerization with over 38 years of industrial and academic experience in this area.


The technical specialty of Dr. Akay includes Engineering Materials , Polymer science and engineering , Polymer-matrix Composites , Environmental engineering and Biomaterials . Dr. Akay was the Production Manager of Viking Pulp & Paper Mill and, the Polymer Scientist of Donald Macpherson & Co Ltd before joining the University of Ulster .

Dr. Akay is the External Examiner for Athlone Institute of Technology for their BEng in Polymer Engineering , BSc in Polymer Technology and the National Certificate/Diploma in Plastics Engineering Courses. He is also supervising and examining the MSc and PhD students of Polymer Science at the University of Manchester , the University of Limerick , Bournemouth University , Queen's University , Dublin City University , the Robert Gordon University , the University of Newcastle , and the University of Sheffield , all in the UK .

Dr. Akay is a Reviewer & Editor for the following journals: The Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers ; Composites ; Polymers and Polymer Composites ; Composites Manufacturing ; Journal of Materials Science ; and ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering .

Dr. Akay has numerous publications. The following are his three recent publicationst:

•  B.J. Meenan, A. Boyd & M. Akay , Control of the Surface Morphology in Calcium Phosphate Thin-Films Deposited by Sputter Deposition . International Journal of Health Care Engineering: Technology and Health Care. 9 (1-2), 2001, 83-85.

•  A. Boyd, M. Akay and B. J. Meenan, ' Influence of target surface degradation of r. f. magnetron-sputtered calcium phosphate coatings' , Surface and Interface Analysis, Vol. 35, 2003, pp 188-198.

•  M. Akay , G. R. Spratt, B. Meenan, ' The effects of long-term exposure to high temperatures on the ILSS and impact performance of carbon fibre reinforced bismaleimide ', Composites Science and Technology, Vol. 63, 2003, pp 1053-1059.

Dr. Akay has Bachelor , Master and PhD degrees in Polymer Engineering from the University of Manchester , Institute of Science & Technology ( UMIST ).




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