Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Luiz Fernandes ( Canada ), PhD , M. Eng , B. Eng. is the President and Senior Consultant of Heat & Power Combustion Inc. in Canada with over 20 years of experience in energy conversion , gas turbine technology , Thermodynamics , combustion systems , Heat Transfer Engineering , Heat Exchangers , HVAC , pumps , compressors , turbines , product concept & design , design & system integration of mechanical components , alternative energy and R&D projects .  

He orchestrates a team of energetic engineers and university students in designing and building energy systems and installing them in portable test rigs . He provides consultancy services on new prime movers of the transportation sector such as NG , Diesel , Otto and Stirling engines in coordination with the Canadian National Research Council and the Industrial Research Assistance Program . He is concurrently a Senior Professor of Algonquin College of Ottawa , Canada lecturing on Thermodynamics and other mechanical engineering subjects .

During his career life, Dr. Fernandes worked as a Senior Gas Turbine Engineer of the Institute for Aerospace Research where he coordinated a technical group of engineers and technicians for operating a complex multi- million dollar rig for testing Pratt & Whitney ST-5/ 18 industrial DLE burners . He was involved in routine maintenance of the facility ( pumps, flow meters, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, instrumentation ) plus provided innovative solutions for last minute problems with the combustor design . He was also the Senior Mechanical Design Project Manager and Engineer for Global Thermoelectric Inc. wherein he proposed new fuel cell configuration stacks for fuel and air layouts and successfully tested several high temperature ( 1800 º F ) sealing materials against thermal cycling . He was also the Test Engineer and consultant for Naval Engineering Test Establishment where he was responsible in proposing health-monitoring techniques for MWM diesel generators of the Canadian Frigates .

Dr. Fernandes' vast experiences were not confined to the industry alone. He was also able to largely contribute his skills in the academe . He was a Senior Professor in the Algonquin College , Carlton University in Canada and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil . He lectured Basic and Applied Thermodynamics , Engineering Design , Basic Mechanisms of Mechanical Systems , Internal Combustion engines and Environmental Engineering . Under the universities' sponsorship, he was able to spearhead industrial projects for Petrobas , Agrale , COPPE and Rio de Janeiro 's city council in Brazil . He was also able to teach in the University of Washington in the USA and the University of Calgary in Canada .

Dr. Fernandes has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Mechanical Engineering . He has various publications such as " Experimental Performance Study of Engine Oil and Coolant Heaters for Cold Start Operations ", " Friction Losses of a Novel, Prototype, Variable Expansion- Ratio, Spark Ignition, Four-Stroke Engine ", " Feasibility Study of the Use of Natural Gas Fuel In Two Stroke Engines ", " Circular Uniflow Aerovalved Pulse Combustor for Clean Industrial Applications ", " Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Unsteady flow of a Pulse Combustor Ejector for Thrust Augmentation ", " Further Development of an Improved Pulse, Pressure Gain, Gas Turbine Combustor ", " Improving the Reliability of Solar Food Dryers Using a Thermal Storage System ", and " I mprovements to the Performance of a Prototype Pulse, Pressure Gain, Gas Turbine Combustor "




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