Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Leon Massaras ( USA ) is a Senior Technical Consultant with Synergy Technology and is involved worldwide in Consulting Training and Software development related to Drilling Fluids , Well Cementing and Hydraulic Fracturing . Mr. Massaras has worked as a Senior Consultant for Resources Engineering Systems ( RES ) in Massachusetts , USA (the makers of the FRACPRO software ) and for Halliburton Energy Services ( HES ) in Oklahoma , USA .  

He has more than 25 years experience in oil field exploration and development . He is an International Authority in Drilling Fluids , Well Cementing and Hydraulic Fracturing as he worked in all geographical and reservoir environments throughout the USA , the Netherlands , Italy , the United Kingdom , Greece , Egypt , Angola , Russia and Kazakhstan .

During his long career, Mr. Massaras worked for CHEVRON , MOBIL , CONOCO , TEXACO , HALLIBURTON and SCLUMBERGER . He worked as Senior Consultant , Senior Instructor , Drilling Manager , Mud Manager , Drilling Engineer , Cementing Engineer , Reservoir Engineer and Field Engineer ( I , II & III ).

Mr. Massaras is an expert in CEMENTPRO ( Well Cementing Software ), FRACPRO ( Hydraulic Fracture Software ), FastRTA , WellTEST , MBA , VitruWELL ( Well Test / Production Analysis Software ) and PRIZM/RESULTS ( Log Analysis/Reservoir Analysis Software ).

Mr. Massaras is an active member in three API committees and he is a member of SPE . He has numerous papers , publications , and presentations and he has one patent related to Drilling/Reservoir Engineering .

Mr. Massaras has a Bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Massachusetts , USA . Further, he completed Post Graduate Studies in Well Cementing , Geology , Log Analysis , Reservoir Engineering , Well Test Analysis , Hydraulic Fracturing , Drilling Fluids , Matrix Stimulation and Downhole Tools .




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