Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Lennart Johansson ( Sweden ), is currently the Principle Consultant of Polymer Support Incorporation, a company that provides Analytical Services to the Plastics/Rubber Industry. He is also the Chairman of the European Colors & Additives Conference of Germany since 1995 and the Board member of the Society of Plastics Engineers ( SPE ) .  

Dr. Johansson is an International Expert in Polymers and Plastics/Rubber additives with over 25 years of industrial experience in this area. Further, he is an Authority in the processes leading to degradation and aging of polymers for different industrial applications like tubes, pipes, cables, capacitors, films generators, motors and transformers .


During his career life, Dr. Johansson worked as the Manager of Process/ Polymer, & Development Engineer for Dyno Nobel ; as the Senior Scientist and Project Leader within the area of Degradation and Stabilization of plastics , for ABB Corporate where he was in charge of researches of Aging of polymers , Aging of insulation liquids, Aging of cables, Improved performance for capacitors, Electrical treeing, Water treeing, Corona resistance and New filler materials. Further, he worked as a Chemical Engineer for different Plastics and Rubber companies in Sweden , Germany , Italy and the UK .

Dr. Johansson has five patents in Plastic industry , and he published tremendous number of Papers and proceedings . His qualifications include Bachelor, Master and PhD Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Lund University , Sweden.




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