Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Larry Sullivan ( USA ), PhD , MBA , MA is an International Expert in strategic planning , business partnerships , international business development , general management , organizational development , international business , R&D , corporate JV formation and leadership .  

He has over 30 years of international experience in the Oil , Gas and Power industries in the USA , Canada and Europe . He is currently the CEO of Lawrence & Company in the USA . He is a recognized leader in management consulting that guides companies to new markets in oil , gas and petrochemical operations , M&A , financial analysis and strategic interface with agricultural products and technologies . He is a consultant to various companies Cargill, Inc ., Ambar Fluids, Inc ., Avebe, b.v. , Dresser Industries, Inc. , Halliburton , Phillips Petroleum , Goldman Sachs , Royal Capital Management , Clearwater, Inc. , Osmonics, Inc. , Clayson Steel, Ltd. , Mobil E&P Services, Inc. , Dover Corporation , and Cortec Corporation . He is responsible for providing leadership to the companies' CEOs and senior management staff on M&A , Operations , Management Strategies and Financial Analysis for New Product Development , Staff Development and Market Entry , Transparency , & Barriers to Entry . He also developed new approached to link and advised major oil and gas firms with major agricultural firms in new product development , technology exchanges and strategic planning for M&A . He is consistently successful in identifying and capitalizing upon market opportunities to drive revenue growth , expand market penetration and win dominant market share .

Prior to establishing his own business, Dr. Sullivan was the Product and Marketing Manager of GE Osmonics Inc . He was responsible for the profitability , product planning , product forecasting and general management of a $9M business unit. He trained a sales team in the USA with strong commercial and technical skills . He also worked for Chemstar Products Company as Marketing Manager and opened new markets in textiles, water treatment, mining, environmental and landscape controls, washing powder (laundry) and billboard/wallpaper adhesives.

Dr. Sullivan's experience was not only confined to the US alone, he also held the position of Special Projects Manager for Conoco Ltd. in England where he was given full autonomy to select products , manage P&L and arrange interface with Dupont. He was also the Engineering Manager of Imperial Chemical Industries also in England .

Dr. Sullivan has a PhD and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Geology and a Bachelors degree in Geology . He is currently the Chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Technology Transfer Committee and the Editor of Amoco , Conoco and Chevron engineering journals .



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