Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Ken K. Donithan, P.E. (USA) is the Director of Engineering in TOTAL BOILER CONTROL, INC. USA. He has Developed and Implemented Training Programs for licensing Boiler Engineers and Certified Training Program for boiler operators in Maryland and the District of Columbia, USA for over 35 years.


He has Extensive experience in electrical and mechanical systems inspection, operation, maintenance and design for over 35 years. His Operating experience varies from high pressure superheated steam water-tube boilers down to 150 psi saturated steam boilers.

Mr. Donithan is a Member State of Maryland Boiler Board and has chaired various subcommittees on boiler and pressure vessel safety.  He is also a Member of the ASME QFO committee for the qualification of high capacity fossil fuel fired plant operators. Mr. Donithan has written several articles that have been published on boiler water treatment, burner combustion, boiler troubleshooting and Chiller operating and design.

In addition to his many years of experience, Mr. Donithan holds a Masters Degree and degrees in both electrical and mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, USA. Further, he is certified as:-

  • First Class Stationary Engineer - MD
  • Commissioned National Board Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • Certified Level II & III Infrared Thermographer
  • EPA Certified Instructor


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