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Mr. John Stonehill ( UK ), MSc. is a Senior Corrosion & Metallurgical Engineer with over 25 years of industrial experience in corrosion , metallurgy , non-destructive testing ( NDT ), and material inspection within Oil , Gas , Petrochemical and Mining Industries .  

He is currently the Technical Director of Engineering and Legislative Inspection Company wherein he is responsible for the statutory inspection and consultancy services .

During his career life, Mr. Stonehill was the owner and Senior Consultant of Stonehill Materials Services wherein he provided materials and inspection services to chemical handling companies around the world . He provided materials advice and service to Laporte Industries , Baker Petrolite , NIPA Labs , Exide Batteries , Robinson Brothers Ltd , Cleanaway Ltd , Chemical Specialities Inc , Soderec International , Alumina Chemicals , Solvay Interox , Hays Chemicals , UK Government Health & Safety Executive (HSE) . He even developed and sold corrosion related software and produced a review document on thermoplastic storage tanks for the UK Government . He also became the Managing Director of Jofin Company Ltd .

Mr. Stonehill was the Materials Technology Manager of the Laprote Industries Ltd. in the UK . During that period, he recommended appropriate materials of construction for process plants , performed laboratory and plant corrosion trials and monitoring , inspected plant using non-destructive techniques , drafted inspection schemes for sites, investigated material failures , presented evidence to an international committee preparing a code of practice on storage of hydrofluoric acid , investigated corrosion inhibitor formulations for water treatment and disinfection products, and developed and marketed a novel, Corrosion Resistant Coating . He was also able to work to different companies such as the British Steel Corporation , Trelleborg Gummifabriken in Sweden and Admiralty Engineering Laboratory . He was involved with the research in the solidification of continuous casting fluxes , investigated particle size analysis of rubber powders , analyzed metals , and operated test rigs to evaluate corrosion inhibitors for diesel engine coolants .

Mr. Stonehill has a Masters degree in Corrosion Science and a Bachelors degree in Metallurgy from the University of Surrey , UK .




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