Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr John L. Sproston has been engaged in the general area of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics for about 35 years and has been closely involved in various aspects of Heat Exchangers, turbomachinery and single/multiphase flowmetering for about 25 years.


His career started as a Senior Technical Engineer with Rolls Royce involved in the design of turbine blading for aircraft engines and then later joined the academic staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liverpool.  He has published about 120 technical papers in these areas and has contributed to related textbooks. He has acted as a consultant to numerous industrial companies' worldwide (30 years' Industrial experience) and is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool. Dr. Sproston is currently the Technical Chief Advisor of the British Defense Ministry related to Heat Exchangers, turbomachinery and single/multiphase flowmetering.



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