Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. John Harmse, Bsc. Ch. Eng., Bsc. MOT Eng. , is currently the Technical Manager of SASOL Technology, where he is in charge of technical tea m supplying opti m ization support to the Sasol Monomers and Polymers business .  

Further he is responsible for the identification of opti m ization opportunities, asset sweating and technical support .

Mr. Harmse
was a Senior Process Engineer at Sasol Ammonia and responsible for designing and com issioning of new Ultra High Purity Hydrogen PSA , technical supporting and opti m ization, handling various technical projects, design and implementation of an upgraded pre-wash system and involving with numerous technical projects.

Among his projects; the m ain achieve ent was the Ammonia De-bottlenecking project where he was the Lead Engineer in Sasol Ammonia Business optimization for increasing name plate capacity fro m 730 ton to 930 ton per day . When he was in Sasol Technology -Rectisol Gas Purification Unit as a Process Engineer was able to succeed design and i m plant of an upgraded pre wash system .

Mr. Harmse's qualifications include B-Eng , Chemical Engineerig and B-Eng Hon, Management of Technology ( MOT ), University of Stellenbosch ( South Africa ) and University of Pretoria ( South Africa ).




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