Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Jerry Walker, PhD (UK) is one of those rare engineers who have worked all the way up from "the tools" as an electrical Millwright to the completion of his doctorate in High Voltage Engineering and the Effects on Electrical Cable Insulation.


He commenced his career working on the Hot Strip Mill in a steel plant and spent most of his time there designing and maintaining the Protection Systems and Variable Speed Drives for 10 years. He then worked for 9 years in the Oil and Gas Industry including the design for the complete Protection Systems for a green fields petrochemical plant of 800 MW.

He has devoted the past 8 years to a combination of research/consulting and lecturing focusing on Power Distribution Systems, Power System Protection and High Voltage Engineering. One of his major successes in the past year has been in designing a complete High Voltage Laboratory for the Engineering School of a prominent College. Jerry is a particularly entertaining instructor with a host of experience and a tremendous passion for the topic of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering. Jerry has a PhD in Electrical Engineering.




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