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Dr. James Robertson ( UK ), PhD, P.E., is an international expert in corporate strategy development and implementation and strategic application of information technology . His focus is an engineering approach to developing solutions which support lasting competitive advantage taking particular account of the factors which typically give rise to failure.  

Dr. Robertson has been involved in the effective application of computers to achieve strategic advantage in business since 1981. He established his information systems and strategy consulting business in 1989. Software and decision support development services were added in 1993. Since 1997 he has focussed on high value consulting, advisory and training services.

Further experience includes time with IBM Consulting Group and the National Crime Prevention Strategy . A major assignment involved over a year as the Business Systems Executive of a major Healthcare service provider in an Interim Executive capacity. On this assignment he was responsible for evaluating major international software solutions . Subsequently he was retained in a consulting capacity to specify the detailed system architecture for a major upgrade to existing systems for the same client.

More recent assignments include strategic marketing planning for a major organization in the information technology arena and conceptual systems architecture for a clinical trials company. He has undertaken audits and provided advice with regard to a number of major Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation (E.R.P.) failures in large corporations and has provided strategic analysis and design services to clients in a diversity of sectors.

Particular interests include the effective application and strategic alignment of Information Technology, strategy development and implementation, strategic transformation and corporate turnaround strategies . He places particular emphasis on achieving lasting strategic change by addressing all aspects of business process optimization in a holistic manner. This has given rise to the TwoCone ( c ) consulting methodology.

His approach draws heavily on his military and engineering background with particular emphasis on using military "quick attack" appreciation techniques to rapidly identify the key elements of business solutions . At the same time he makes use of engineering metaphors and parallels in order to identify measurable deliverables for abstract projects. This has lead to the development of project design and management techniques specifically designed for the management of abstract projects such as I.T. system design and implementation and corporate strategy development and implementation.

His approach to I.T. system development, project management and corporate strategy development and implementation utilizes a strongly market focused approach to creating and sustaining competitive advantage . Particular emphasis is placed on deriving the 20% of factors that will generate 80% of the benefit. This has given rise to his strategic SnapShot c critical issues business analysis method and software (STRATSNAP c ).

He was one of the founders of " The MaXus Group " a network of specialist consulting firms with international links in many areas of specialist consultancy and was chairman for a number of years. Over the years, he has forged a diversity of business relationships which enable him to assemble professional teams to undertake cost effective, innovative, projects for leading clients. These links have extended to assembling a team for a major tender submission which included the former Chief of Staff of the US Army and the British Defence Establishment Research Agency .

Drawing on his Civil Engineering background, Dr Robertson has been instrumental in progressively seeking to develop formalized design and contract management methodologies and procedures to apply to the software design and construction and management consulting industries. This has contributed to the development of the StratSnap c , StratProc c StratAction ( c ) , SoftXList ( c ) and other techniques .

Dr Robertson's structured engineering approach to problem solving as well as his military experience have contributed greatly to developing an understanding of the factors giving rise to the 70% plus levels of dissatisfaction with information technology , strategy and management consulting around the world and the 90% failure rate of strategy implementations . From this he has developed techniques directed at avoiding and overcoming these pitfalls and assisting clients to develop strategic capability . This has resulted in Dr Robertson delivering presentations on this subject to conferences and corporations in Europe, the USA , Canada and the Middle East .

His public training courses are regularly attended by representatives of large organizations across the spectrum of commerce, industry and government .




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