Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Izak Labuschagne ( UK ) , BSc Eng , Pr.Eng is currently the President of Flowline Technology (Pty) Ltd a company that specializes in fluid flow and water related projects and the Principle consultant on water treatment facilities with over 25 years of industrial experience.


During his career life Mr. Izak has worked for Resource Recovery Systems as a Technical Manager responsible for consulting in water, waste & energy fields & operations management of organic by-product utilization & sales, as a Sales Engineer Ultrafine involved in Water Plant design & Installation , Filtration equipment & Wine & Juice purification , as a Factory Manager for Sasol Fertilizers , as the Operations Manager Water & Environmental systems for Sasol Synthetic Fuels involved in reporting of five divisions : Environment, Water Recovery & Utilization , Ash handling , waste Disposal & Unutilized products ; line manager for newly formed department, managing over five hundred of personnel & the operating budget of R350 million and responsible for some of the below major projects as initiator and manager overseeing final successful completion /commissioning.

•  Reduction of organic load on biological water treatment plant by introducing " polluter pay " principle.

•  Removal of persistent odor in and around Secunda by the biggest known surface aeration of waste dams.

•  Establishing an ultramodern real-time environmental monitoring system .

•  Debottlenecking and computerizing above-mentioned water treatment plant at a cost of R50 million.

•  Recoveries of toxic waste pitch with as a blast-furnace fuel . Final profit R100 million+.

•  Debottlecking raw water supply to factories for higher productions.

•  Mayor part of "40 year plan" for ash handling including mobile ash stackers and new slimes dam.

•  Biggest known Tubular Reverse Osmoses plant to purify 10 million liter per day of salty ash water for reuse.

Further Mr. Izak has been a Production & Technical Manager and the Plant Chemical Engineer for Fedmis Phalaborwa (Pty) Ltd. He is a member of Institute of Chemical Engineers & a Registered Professional Engineer.



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