Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Howard Middleton ( UK ) is the Supply Chain & Logistics Manager of Gyp Estates in UK with over 25 years of industrial experience in Procurement & Logistics Management , Project , Operations , Fleet/Transportation , Financial and Contracts Management in various Oil , Gas & Petrochemical industries in the Middle East , USA and Europe .


He is responsible for planning and coordinating of the company's activities across the supply chain , from raw material procurement to finished goods delivery .

During his career life, Mr. Middleton worked as the Project & Logistics Manager for NLNG Management Services and Anadarko Alergia Corporation . During those periods, he was able to set up and manage Projects , Logistics , Transportation and Procurement departments . He was responsible for planning , executing and finalization of project , logistical and procurement strategies across the organization. He also led the Logistics team , specifically the Procurement section in acquiring resources within budget and facilitating communication between the company and its providers in order to deliver products and services according to plan . He was able to work as Projects & Administration Manager , Contract Site Manager , Plant Operations Manager , Logistics Technical Services Manager , Product Supply & Transportation Superintendent , and Site & Construction Engineer to various companies, namely, Pannesma Company , Saudi Telecoms , Sharq/Satco , ATFS , K/W Company , Chemsult , Taylorplan and Aker Offshore Norway .

Mr. Middleton has a Masters degree in Business Logistics and a Bachelors degree in Psychology .



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