Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. H. Julsing (UK), BSc, MSc, PhD Chemistry, is currently the Analytical Chemistry Manager of Siemens, where he is in charge of the development and testing of Process Analyzers and Laboratory equipment.  Dr. Julsing has 30 years of industrial experience in Analytical Chemistry, Process Analyzers, Analytical Laboratories, Hazardous Chemicals, Hazardous Waste Management, PHA, HAZOP, HAZMAT, HAZCOM, and HSE.


Dr. Julsing started his career back in 1975 as a Laboratory Technician in Genmin Research Laboratories and moved through a solid career line in Analytical Chemistry for 30 years until he become an international authority in the subject. During this long trip, Dr. Julsing worked for major analytical laboratories, refineries, chemical manufacturers, petrochemical industry, and process analyzer manufacturers. During this career life he worked as a Lab Technician, a Chemist, a Chief Chemist, a Lab Superintendent, a Lab Manager, an Online Analyst, a Senior Research Chemist, a Hardware Officer, an HSE Manager, a Plant Production Manager, a Consulting Chemist, and a Research & Development Manager (Process Analyzers). He worked in Europe, the USA, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Dr. Julsing has a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry, a Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry and a Doctorate in Analytical Chemistry. He has numerous publications, articles, papers, and presentations in process analyzers, analytical chemistry, HAZMAT, PHA, HAZOP, HAZCOM, and HSE subjects.

Dr. Julsing is a "hands on" instructor, using practical demonstrations in the lectures. His sense of humour livens up the lecture to make it memorable for the candidates. He readily shares his rich knowledge and experience to the benefit of all participants.



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