Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Hennie Harmse ( UK ) P.E., B.Eng. (Elec.), MSAIEE, is currently the Engineering Director of EMSAF , where he is in charge of Power Reticulation , and Power System Protection .


Mr. Harmse has over 40 years of industrial experience in Power System Protection ( Specification, Design, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance, Training ) ; Power Plant ( Performance, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance, Specification, Training ) ; Power Systems ( Performance, Measurement, Quality of Supply, Performance Studies, Training); Engineering Consulting ( Power System Studies, Protection Systems Review/Design/Specification, Plant and System Specification, Training in Power Plant & Systems, Plant and System Performance, Measurement and Solutions to Poor Performance, Quality of Supply).

Before joining EMSAF, Mr. Harmse was the Chief Electrical Consultant at Rainbow Technologies for 5 years , where he was in charge of Engineering Consulting in Systems and Plant Protection ; Control and Measurement relating to Design, Specification, Testing, Problem Solving, Performance and Quality of Supply improvement .

Before Rainbow, Mr. Harmse worked for ESKOM for 28 years as an Electrical Engineer, Power System Protection Engineer, Control Engineer, Distribution Systems Manager, and finally as the Transmission System Manager.



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