Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Professor Guillermo Leal ( USA ) , PE, PhD Ch.Eng., is a Senior Chemical Engineer with 22 years of international experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects from grass root up to commissioning , start up and follow up for technical compliances , Research and Development , Process Control and Optimization Engineering .



He was the Professor of Chemical Engineering at Louisiana Technical University ( USA ) for 5 years .

Dr. Leal started his long career life as a Process Engineer for SHELL where he worked in different SHELL refineries throughout North & South America. He left SHELL to join Procter&Gamble as their Engineering Manager , where he developed and engineered several new detergent formulas. After that he joined PDVSA Petrochemicals as their Alkylation Units Manager , where he developed new Alkylation technologies and several gaseous chemical components to the fluidised catalyst bed (FCC Units). Then he moved to Louisiana Technical University and worked there as the Professor of Chemical Engineering . After that he joined Super Octanos as their Technical Manager of the MTBE Complex , where he managed many new Grass Root Projects ( EPC/Start Up/Commissioning/Follow through up ) and he was in charge of several areas of Engineering ( Inspection , Technical Engineering , Control & Optimisation , Laboratory / Quality Control and Environmental Control ). Then he moved to Saudi Arabia and worked for SABIC as an Engineering Consultant and a Technical Advisor in different SABIC companies, where he was in charge of the area of new technologies implementation in the Petrochemical Units . In 2005, Dr. Leal joined Haward Technology as a Process Engineering Consultant.

Dr. Leal has PhD , MSc and BSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Technical University ( USA ). He is an Active Member of the American Society of Chemical Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers . He has several patents and numerous technical publications , papers and presentations .



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