Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Gordon Stewart, P. E. ( Canada ) is a Senior Process Engineering Consultant, specializing in Gas Processing. Gordon has spent most of his 36-year career designing and building gas and oil process equipment first with CE NATCO and then with ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd . and Complete Package Technology Ltd .  

While the majority of the equipment was built for Western Canada, he also designed and built process equipment and skid-mounted process plants for Argentina , Columbia , Bolivia , Chile , England (North Sea), Roman ia , Czechoslovakia , Hungary , Oman , Iran , Pakistan , Syria , Indonesia , Mexico and the United States .

Mr. Stewart has designed and built many dry desi cc ant Hydrocarbon Recovery Units and Molecular Sieve Dehydrators , countless Glycol Dehydrators , hundreds of Refrigeration Plants for Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Control and LPG Recovery , innumerable Amine Plants for H2S and CO2 Removal and a Modified Lean Oil Extraction Plant . He has also had extensive field experience including start-ups and trouble shooting, operator training and de-bottlenecking . At ALCO, he also designed and built all the shell and tube TEMA Heat Exchangers required for these process packages. For the past few years, Gordon has been a consultant to Operating Companies and Manufacturers, both Domestic and International.

Mr. Stewart has a degree in Chemical Engineering from The Royal Military College of Canada .




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