Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Professor Gerry Clarke ( UK ), MSc. is the Operations Director of the Metal Bulletin Plc. with over 25 years of experience in Technical , Executive and Human Resource Managements . He is responsible for all sales , advertising , and marketing managements to optimise the company's revenue streams .  

He ensures that employees are managed beneficially at all levels resulting to deployment of appropriate resources . He also reviews all products and services to ensure standards are being upheld and to ensure compliance to operational procedures . Professor Clarke does hands-on training of senior personnel in areas of people management , editorial , conference chairing and basic and technical presentation skills . He is concurrently the Editor-In-Chief of Metal Bulletin Plc. wherein he is responsible for the company's non-financial operations to promote and ensure efficient administrative , managerial and editorial/publishing activities .

In the earlier years, Professor Clarke was the Business Manager for Industrial Minerals ( IM ), an international business magazine for non-metallic minerals industries wherein he did an outstanding and unsurpassed record of insightful reporting and commentary , paid circulation , IM Congress attendance , innovation and business performance in general earning a promotion to the Main Board of the company. He was able to successfully organize IM Congresses in different locations such as Toronto , Monte Carlo , Boston , Sydney , San Francisco , Berlin , London , Beijing , Belgrade , Istanbul and Monterrey . He was responsible for the promotion of IM as a top quality subscription through high quality content and presentations to other organizations' events around the globe . Prior to that, Professor Clarke was a writer and eventually became an Editor of IM.

Owing to his academic background, Professor Clarke started as a professor of Earth Resources and Applied Mineralogy at the Plymouth Polytechnic in UK . He taught mineralogy and petrology , mineral resources and economic and environmental geology . He was a member of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy .

Professor Clarke has a Masters degree in Applied Mineralogy and a Bachelors degree in Mining Engineering and Geology . He is a Chartered Engineer and an active member of the Council of Engineering Institutions .




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