Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. George Murray Pr. Eng. holds a MBA and a B.SC. Engineering (Industrial) and an assessor's accreditation on Lecturing and Course design.  

He acquired extensive experience the past 34 years, as Line Manager / Consultant Lecturer / Assessor, at both operational and strategic levels. For 5 years he managed a large unionised Materials Handling division in Iscor, a fully integrated 2 million ton/annum steel works under severe demands punctuality and cost constraints.

As member on the Executive Management team of the Iscor Vanderbylpark steelworks (3 million ton /annum) he served for 12 years as Divisional Manager of the Industrial Engineering department. The department consulted in Business process optimisation and re-engineering; Core business process redesign; Performance Management; Financial modelling and Industrial economic & viability studies; Business plans, Justification audits and rationalisation studies, Bench mark ing & best demonstrated practice, Business strategy and policies, Management and information systems, IT systems; Organisational structural design, Job descriptions; Skills transfer processes; Training workshop design and presentation; Team building; Leadership development; Administrative systems development; Process Quality Control; Breakthrough improvement team development; Change Management; Local economic development and base line data collection and statistical sampling; Productivity improvement & quality circles.

As Lecturer / Mentor Mr. Murray currently is accredited at the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch . (Registered as competent Assessor and Assessment Designer)

•  Courses: Change Management; Organisation Renewal; Business re-Engineering; Productivity in the workplace; Demonstrating Confidence and Assertiveness at work; Business right sizing / down sizing; Organisation design; Job description, -evaluation and -classification; Performance Management. Managing innovation creativity & lateral thinking; Career improvement; Business investment decision making; Linear programming in the oil industry (Operations research); Knowledge management; Compiling an Effective Business Plan; Quality Management; Quality assurance and statistical process control; Project Management; Risk Management; Safety Management.

As Facilitator / Trainer of Municipal Management and staff in the application and use of Performance Management.



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