Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Professor Francisco Ruiz , PhD Maritime , ( Spain ), is currently the Chief Professor of Marine Science Department at the University of Cantabria, Spain , where he is in charge of Marine Terminal Management , Cargo Handling , Hazardous Materials , Oil/Gas/Petrochemical Tankers , Marine Operations and Marine Traffic Analysis courses. Further, Dr. Ruiz is the Chief Counsellor of master's theses and PhD dissertations for Master and Doctorate students.



Dr. Ruiz is has over 30 years of experience in Marine Science. He worked as a Marine Officer at Spanish Navy , as a Marine Surveyor and Assessor for Global Logistics Co , as a Professor of Marine Navigation and Ship Construction at the University of Cádiz , as a Marine Consultant at the Spain Public Corporation providing stowage service in the port of Algeciras -Bay of Gibraltar, as a Marine Engineer on board bulk carriers , oil tankers , fishing vessels and multipurpose cargo ships and finally as the Chief Professor of Marine Science Department at the University of Cantabria

Dr. Ruiz practical experience includes; Marine Operations , Marine Terminal , Stowage and cargo handling , special marine transportation , Hazardous cargoes and intermodality specially their admission and handling in port, oil tankers , chemical tankers and liquefied gas tankers , port operations , Marine Navigation , marine traffic , marine risk index , Environment Management , Safety at sea , Marine Human Resource Development , Radar navigation and plotting , Marine Survey and certification , Compass adjusting , and Oil spill response .

Dr. Ruiz is currently a member of editorial board of the Journal of Maritime Research published by Spanish Society of Maritime Research. He has a lot of publications including 14 books and tremendous papers, articles and proceedings in Marine Science. His books include "Coastal navigation, ISBN 84-283-1759-3", "Containers, ISBN 84-87795-07-2", "Stowage, ISBN 84-87795-05-6", "Safety at work, ISBN 84-87795-08-0", "Naval Architecture, ISBN 84-87795-10-2", "Maritime law, ISBN 84-87795-09-9", "English for stevedores, ISBN 84-87795-04-8", "Marine traffic, ISBN 84-87795-06-4", "Portainer, ISBN 84.87795-00-5", "Stowage for stevedores, ISBN 8499-642-5", "Compass Adjustment, ISBN 84-7916-007-1", "Marine traffic analysis of the Bay of Gibraltar, ISBN 84-7786-376-8", "Pollution of the Bay of Biscay due to accidents of merchant vessels transporting hazardous Cargo" and "The Prestige disaster, ISBN 84-95564-53-X".

Dr. Ruiz has a Bsc , Msc and a PhD in Maritime Sciences from the University of Cádiz , Spain . He has a First class honours Diploma in Nautical Sciences from the Ministry of Education and Science , and Certificates in Marine Civil Engineering and Deck Officer from the Ministry of Transport .




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