Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Eric Carter (UK) is an International Expert in Process Control and Instrumentation Technology with over 35 years of industrial experience in Process Control, Instrumentations, Automation, DCS, SCADA, PLC and Telemetry systems.


Eric has been working with electrical, electronic and instrumentation systems all his working life. During his career life, he worked for Telkom, Western Industries, Tedelex, Philips, Alpret Control and Intexma Electronics. Eric worked as Technician, Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Production Manager, Technical Services Manager and Managing Director.

Eric has presented workshops, as a Senior Instructor, to hundreds of engineers and technicians in North America, Australasia, Europe and Africa with superb reviews.

Delegates that have attended Eric's workshops have commented on his excellent grasp of the topics and his ability to provide good practical solutions problems experienced by industry today.



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