Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Edgar Montuffar ( Mexico ), MSc . is a results-driven Executive Leader with over 20 years of broad-based , international experience in Project Manage m ent , Business Develop m ent , Financial Administration , Petroleum Engineering and over-all Operations Management in the oil , gas and energy industries .

He is currently the Senior Consultant and Service Quality Manager of Schlu m berger Oil Field Services wherein he was able to resolve critical service quality issues and was able to win new contracts and pro m oted positive cash flows for the company. He led the start-up and integration of the Schlu m berger/S m ith International joint venture in Latin America

During his career life, Mr. Montuffar was the District Manager of Schlu m berger wherein he directed all business and financial operations , including hu m an resources , projects and construction activities , sales and m arketing , and client relations initiatives for all services provided offshore. He has also developed a business plan to construct nu m erous on and offshore facilities . Due to his hard work and innate skills, Mr. Montuffar was recognized for his perfor m ance in project m anage m ent , labor relations and fostering tea m leadership during this period. He also worked as the Country Manager for Schlu m berger Ecuador and Peru wherein he m anaged all operations and the Profits and Losses for both countries with clients included Petroa m aonas , Petroperu , ELF and Maxus . Prior to that, he was the Marketing Manager for Schlumberger Venezuela and even earlier, he was an International Field Service Engineer and Manager serving various locations throughout the world .

Mr. Montuffar has Masters and Bachelors degrees in Industrial Engineering . He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers ( SPE ) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME ).



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