Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Professor Douglas Robinson
is currently the President of DSR Consulting and the Professor of Business Studies Unit (BSU) at Durban Institute of Technology (DIT), where he is lecturing at MBA level in Project Management, Operations Management, Procurement Management , Entrepreneurship and International Business.



Professor Robinson has over 35 years of experience in Procurement , Purchasing , Outsourcing Strategies , Project Management , Business Systems , Operations Management and Business Re-Organization . Further, he is a Registered Assessor of logistics , Supply Chain Management , Procurement Strategies , Purchasing and Outsourcing .

As a leader in the Procurement and logistics fields , Professor Robinson facilitated in-house skills development programmes in a lot of companies worldwide and has extensive consulting experience in both the public and private sectors. His experience includes implementing SAP system in Procurement , financial , sales, distribution , materials management and costing .

During his long career life, Mr. Robinson worked for many International companies such as Tiger Brands , Nestle's , Mondi Manufacturing , Mondi Forests , Masonite Africa Ltd ., Frame etc. He worked as General Manager , Procurement Manager , Logistics Manager , Project Manager , Purchasing Supervisor , SAP Facilitator etc.

Due to his thorough and long experience and knowledge , Professor Robinson is recognized internationally as an Expert in Procurement , Purchasing , Outsourcing , Strategic planning , business wellness analysis, Contract management , Project Management, feasibility studies, financial analysis, cash-flow forecasting, Capital investment analysis , risk analysis, Business process analysis, and Quality Management Systems.



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