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Mr. Don Bagnoli, ME, MS, PE (USA) is Senior Materials Engineer with over 30 years experience with Exxon and Mobil in all aspects of materials selection, corrosion and equipment failure analysis in refinery, petrochemical and LNG facilities. Currently, he is a senior consultant with Becht Engineering (USA).


Mr. Bagnoli experience in Exxon and Mobil includes:

  • Group leader Mobil Failure Analysis Group.

  • Worldwide consultant for Exxon on materials problems for refineries, petrochemical and LNG plants. 

  • Conducted brittle fracture surveys on existing and new plants.

  • Handled downstream fitness for service applications.

  • Taught numerous company courses on fitness for service, failure analysis, materials selection and high temperature corrosion.

  • Developed company guidelines/specifications for several key areas including high temperature castings, and impact test requirements for pressure vessels.

  • Developed materials specifications for capital projects.

  • Participated in several joint industry projects including heavy wall pressure vessels for hydrogen service, welding of Cr-Mo steels, and expander turbine reliability.

  • Conducted remaining life and reliability studies for olefins and LNG plants.

  • Worked in the area of high temperature metallurgy including research on carburization of pyrolysis tubes that led to two related patents.  Provided consulting and troubleshooting on high temperature materials applications in refineries and petrochemical plants.

  • Conducted research on ballistics, dynamic loading of metals and high energy rate forming.  Setup x-ray diffraction/electron microscope labs. Performed failure analyses.

Mr. Don Bagnoli has published over 20 papers and contributed to handbooks on materials related matters.   He has also co-edited several ASME-PVP volumes related to fitness for service applications and has been a member of API 579 subgroup on fitness for service.

Mr. Don Bagnoli has an ME and MS in Metallurgy from Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) and has completed all credits and qualifications for Ph.D. at Stevens w/o thesis.



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