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Mr. Dennis McCarty ( USA ) is a Senior Refractory & Non-Metallic Expert with over 30 years of industrial experience in refractory inspections , coatings , insulations , API 936/653 inspections , cementing , furnace design and refractory selection . He is currently the Senior Refractory & Non-Metallic Manager of EXXON MOBIL in Texas , USA .  

He is responsible for reviewing the engineering packages for project requirements pertaining to coatings , insulations and refractory for the EXXON MOBIL Chemical and Refinery Plants .

During his career life, Mr. McCarty was the President and CEO of ETI Services , a company which developed specifications for coating applications as well as gas transmission lines , tubular , drill pipe and casing in refinery and chemical plants . This company, established by Mr. McCarty, was also performing NACE Level III Coatings Certifications and API 653 Tank Inspections to its various clients such as EXXON , Marathon , Mobil , Mobil Philips , Mobil Pipeline and Shell . Prior to that, he worked with AVA International as Gulf Cost Operations Manager responsible for presentations to prospective clients all down-hole and surface related equipment for oil and gas wells . He was able to design completions utilizing high-tech production equipment for both sub-surface and surface installations .

Mr. McCarty worked with refractories intently since the early 1970's . His experiences included installation & supervision of down-hole completion equipment , surface safety systems , designing gravel pack completions , cementing , acidizing and fracturing of oil/gas wells and special tool applications . He was able to work as Refractory Engineer , Cementer/Service Supervisor and Completion Specialist for Geo Vann Sand Control , Otis Engineering Corporation , Western Company of North America and Halliburton Services .

Mr. McCarty has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and he is a Certified API 936 (Refractory) , API 653 (Storage Tanks) and NACE Level III Inspector .




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