Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. David McLean ( UK ), is currently the Operations Manager of Adrian Engineering, a company provides a professional pipeline consultancy services to the Oil/Gas/Water industry .


He i s an International Expert in Pipeline Inspection/Integrity/Pigging with over 25 years of industrial experience in 25 countries worldwide including all The Americas , Europe , North Africa , Russia , Middle and Far East . He has also worked on offshore locations in the Mediterranean , Gulfs of Thailand , Mexico and Iran as well as approximately thirty-five platforms in European waters .

During his career life Mr. McLean has been involved in all aspects of Pipeline Inspection/Integrity/Pigging from cleaning through gauging to final intelligent pig inspections and subsequent repairs . This includes, but not limited to, Technical & Operations Supervising, Project Management , Managing of pipeline inspection and cleaning operations.

Further during his long career life Mr. McLean has worked for Pipeline Integrity International ( PII ) ( British Gas ) which is the world class leader in the development of online inspection tools and pipeline inspection technology, as the worldwide Senior Engineer /Team Leader around 15 years of experience and responsible for Project management and in-field supervision of multiple on-line 'intelligent pig' pipeline inspection contracts both in the UK and internationally , on & offshore in more than twenty-five countries and forty offshore installations ; responsible for the in-field management of PII 's first major sub-sea pipeline inspection operation ; Statoil, North Sea , Norwegian Sector 36" diameter gas , from Platform 16/11S through Ekofisk Complex , then through intermediate compressor platforms B11 and H7 into Emden, Germany, responsible for hands-on management of then longest pipeline inspection operation, 800 miles of 36" diameter for Interprovincial Pipeline Company . Canada . In-field reorganisation of this contract reduced operation time by 40%.. PEMEX, Mexico : and rescheduling and change of in-field equipment used on sections of this operation produced significant cost savings and highest productivity of successful inspection runs.

Further he worked as Project Co-ordinator for Glendee ( UK ) Limited, Technical Development Engineer for Wilkinson Sword Ltd ( UK ), and Engineering Apprenticeship to Quality Engineer for George Angus & Co Ltd ( UK ). His qualifications include H.N.D. ( Higher National Diploma ) & O.N.D (Ordinary National Diploma) in Mechanical Engineering .



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