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Dr. Cornelius Scheffer PhD Mech. Eng. (SA.), is an international expert in Machinery Vibration and Predictive Maintenance. His field of experience includes development of tool wear monitoring systems for CNC machine tools using force and vibration signals, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis and decision making, data mining, neural networks, wavelet analysis, time-frequency analysis, empirical and physical modelling and statistical analysis.


Dr. Scheffer is an expert in CNC programming and signal measurement equipment such as: FFT analyzers, NI and Eagle Technology A/D cards, Accelerometers, strain gages, displacement sensors, Actuators, Analogue amplifiers and filters, Sound intensity meters. He is a regular visitor to various prestigious vibration analysis and manufacturing research labs in South Africa, England, Belgium, Germany, France and the USA.

Dr. Scheffer has a PhD, Master and Bsc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has 2 patents and has published many technical papers and 4 books in Machinery Vibration and Predictive Maintenance.

Dr. Scheffer's list of publications includes:-

1.   C. Scheffer "Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis & Predictive Maintenance" Published by IDC, Australia, 2002.

2.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Synthetic diamond tool wear monitoring using vibration measurements" Proceedings of the 18th International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC 18), San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., February 2000, p. 245-251.

3.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Wear monitoring in turning operations using vibration and strain measurements" Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP), Vol. 15, No. 6, p.1185-1202.

4.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Monitoring of turning tool wear using vibration measurements and neural network classification" Proceedings of the 25th International Seminar on Modal Analysis (ISMA 25), Leuven, Belgium, 13 - 15 September 2000, p. 899-906.

5.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Development of an adaptable tool condition monitoring system" Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM 2000), Houston, Texas, U.S.A., 3 - 5 December 2000, p. 361-370.

6.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Tool condition monitoring systems - an overview" Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA '01), Stellenbosch, South Africa, 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2001, p. 316-323.

7.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Masjiengereedskap toestandsmonitering en optimering van masjineringsprosesse - 'n oorsig" Die Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 35 - 44 (2001).

8.   A.J. Hoffman, N.T. van der Merwe, P.S. Heyns, C. Scheffer and C.J. Stander "The application of neural networks to vibrational diagnostics for multiple fault conditions" Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM 2001), Manchester, U.K., 4 - 6 September 2001, p. 537-544.

9.   C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "A robust and cost-effective system for conducting cutting experiments in a production environment " Proceedings of 3rd CIRP International Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2002), Ischia, Italy, 3-5 July 2002, p. 329-334.

10.  C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Monitoring of turning tool wear on the shop floor using artificial intelligence" Proceedings of the 15th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM 2002), Birmingham, UK., 2 - 4 September 2002, p. 357 - 366.

11.  C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Neural Network approaches for sensor-based tool wear monitoring" Proceedings of Metalworking tools & Fluids, South African Institute of Tribology, 7 November 2002.

12.  L. Mdlazi, T, Marwala, C.J. Stander, C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "The principal component analysis and automatic relevance determination for fault identification in structures". Accepted for the 21st International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC 21), Kissimmee, Florida, U.S.A., 2003.

13.  C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "An effective Tool Condition Monitoring System for Turning" In preparation for International Journal of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing.

14.  C. Scheffer, H.H. Kratz, P.S. Heyns and F. Klocke, "Monitoring the hard turning process" In preparation for International Journal of Wear.

C. Scheffer and P.S. Heyns "Vibration-based Tool Condition Monitoring Systems" In preparation for Handbook of Shock and Vibration. To be published in 2003.



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