Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Claude Lucchesi ( USA ), is the Consulting Director of Analytical Laboratory Managers Association ( ALMA ), USA . He is especially experienced in the management of a chemical analysis support laboratory.



Dr. Lucchesi is the Founding Editor of Managing the Modern Laboratory , a quarterly publication sponsored by the Analytical Laboratory Managers Association ( ALMA ). He has studied the ways in which chemistry and chemical analysis fits into the frequently changing global environment. He is knowledgeable of the chemical analysis service spectrum , from low-value-added testing to high-value-added problem-solving . Further he is specialized in analytical chemistry , applied spectroscopy , polymers , and coatings . His interest is in solving industrial problems which have an important analytical chemistry component . With this interest he brings a wealth of both industrial and academic laboratory experience. In particular he has expertise in organic chemistry identifications, utilizing spectroscopy, and separation methods.

Dr. Lucchesi has extensive industrial experience in the petrochemical industry . He has industry experience in the analysis and characterization of organic coating systems with a specialty in polymers . He is familiar with dibasic organic acids, polyhydric alcohols, and organic pigments and dyes .

During his career life he worked for Shell, Sherwin-Williams and Mobil Chemical and he became an Emeritus Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and the Consulting Director for the ASL.

Dr. Lucchesi was a cofounder of ALMA and served as its first President . He was the first recipient of the ALMA Distinguished Service Award in Laboratory Management Sponsored by Agilent Technologies and h e has authored over 70 publications on analytical methods , applied spectroscopy, polymers, coatings and Laboratory Management .



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