Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Bruce R Smit is an International Expert in Project Management with over 35 years of experience in Project Planning, Budgeting, Project Implementation, Cost Control, Resource Allocation, Contract Management, Operations Management, Project Engineering, Risk Assessment and Quality Management.


During his career life, Mr. Smit has worked as a Planning Manager, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Sr. Project Engineer, Technical Manager, Engineering Consultant, Quality Engineer, Planning Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Process Auditor.

Mr. Smit worked for many international companies such as Naval Dockyard, Consol Wadeville, Corganic Pty Ltd, Krugersdorp Engineering, Synertech, Rapid Allweiler Pumps & Engineering, Lebone Engineering, Technikon Witwatersrand and Starlink.

Bruce's qualification includes, BSc, BEng, Mechanical Industrial, Master of Industrial Administration, Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM), Government Certificate of Competency- Mechanical.

He is currently the President of the South African Society for Quality and he is a Senior member of the South African Industrial Engineering Institution.

One of Mr. Smit's Johannesburg projects achieved the Productivity Award in October 1998 from the South African National Productivity Institute.



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